Why Formentor to
Revolution in brain nutrition?

Increase Your memory

Formentor allows You to increase memory. Start to use it, and remember two, three, or even four times more information.



You will feel awake

Replace a cup of coffee with one capsule. You will feel the difference. Be more conscious, and protect valuable health .

Keep safety

Foremator is a certified product, safe for Your organism, providing sugars and organic acids to the brain.

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You will start to think fast

Nourished brain will accelerate activity. From now on You will be characterized by a great memory, and rapid thinking.

Viagra for the brain

You learn, work, partying, sitting behind the wheel – take care of Your concentration, memory and fast thinking. Turn Your brain into a natural super-gigant processor and hard drive. Choose Foremator!

Powerhouse of activity

Product has earn the trust of thousand people, thanks to him they increased their physical and mental activity. They also confirm that Foremator is a source of well-being, affecting positive thinking and inner peace.

Certified doping

The composition of the supplement are only natural ingredients. Closed in small capsules are organic NOS for your brain. The product has undergone many studies supporting for its safety and ensuring certification.


Number 1 product in fighting against fatigue. Use it to survive the session, a long journey, audit firm, weeks preparing reports, plans and business strategies. Take just one capsule, and increase your productivity.


Formentor is an alternative for people who drink energy drinks, or having hundreds of vitamins and dietary supplements. It works the same! That will also save you a lot of money, get a great concentration and physical stamina.


Substitute a cup of coffee, perishable heart and liver damaging. Formentor contains components such as plant extract, Gingko Biloba, Guarana and Schisandra, which are distinguished by the effective activity and safety for the body.


Choosing Foremator, along with improving memory and concentration levels, you gain a better relationship with the environment. Supplied with blood vessels and nourished in an appropriate way the brain works more efficiently and faster, which is helpful in conducting witty conversations.

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najlepszy smart drug na rynku?

In school

Formentor will turn every class test into pure fun, and passing the final exams will be pleasant formality. You will see, thanks to the brain doping You will improve Your memory and remember every date, concept, content of a comprehensive handbook.

On studies

You have too many subjects in the session? Studying for the exam? Waiting for a test? Take Formentor, and speed up Your learning. You will gain a lot more than good grades and scholarship, because acquired knowledge will remain in Your memory for a long time.

In work

Looking for a solution that will help You in work, or speed up resolving outstanding tasks? Choose FORMENTOR. It works better then a cup of coffee – stimulates activity, helps to concentrate behind the wheel, at the front of the computer or in maze of files.

At the party

Take just on capsule of Formentor, and move the whole dance floor!. Its the best, legal doping for disco and party lovers. With the supplement, You will gain new energy. It will help You in the seduction or after party.

Co zawiera Formentor?
i dlaczego tak dobrze działa?

Brain accelerator

Gingko Biloba extract is intended to overcome fatigue. It will stimulate Your brain, improving the work of the entire body and memory. It is perfect before exams and during high mental activity.

The power of Guarana

Guarana will work better than coffee for Your brain. Caffeine from this plant is absorbed easier, than that from small-black, and regenerates better physical and mental fatigue. Formentor contains up to 100 mg of extract of guarana.

Source of organic acids

In order to prolong of the brain stimulation, we added to the formula supplement source of organic acids and natural sugars – Schisandra. It will help relieve fatigue, provides nutrients and strengthens eyesight.

The product has certificates and licenses for sale in the European Union and United States of America. Formentor is recommended by diabetics and specialists from the Polish and global healthcare institutions..


Opinie użytkowników
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    Session passed before deadline. Thanks Foremator!

    I started the adventure with a supplement and books a week before the first exam. It works. The material that I had to know in five days, I knew at the end of the third. That's why I decided to use Formentor and finish half-semester faster.It worked, I got straight A's!

    Tomek, Warsaw, 23 years old

    One capsule hour before the party and I can have fun till morning . I'm getting energy to dance all night!.

    First time was the best. I took two pills, because I thought they were exaggerating about power of Formentor. I haven't slept for 48 hours!. This supplement is powerful. I highly recommend it to all party people. It's great!

    Marcelina, Kraków, 21 years old

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    I'm spending more than 8 months a year behind the wheel. That work is exhausting. I needed some boosters, which will improve my concentration.

    My friend from Czech Republic told me about Formentor. I looked online and found Your website. I bought it and since then I always have Your supplement with me. Moreover, I recently ordered another two packs, for me and my friend (apparently price in Czech Republic is now higher). It's much more effective than energy drinks .

    Tedi, Warsaw, 36 years old

    I drank a lot of coffee before. Finally, it stopped working like I want to.Palpitations, nervousness, irritability. I have to find a solution...

    I found Formentor by accident by clicking some commercial. Of course ,I assumed it was some corporate bullshit and placebo. Only die once - I thought, and I ordered one package for a test. Effects surpassed my expectations and I can not imagine functioning without Formentor now. For real, try it.

    Aga, Wrocław, 22 years old

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    League of Legends, StarCraft 2 thats my favorite games. I'm really great in it!

    However, long playing exhausts. To have the strength to sit at the front of a monitor, reflexes in the game, as well as the strength when I need to learn for the next exam, I have to reach for a booster. Got Formentor from a friend I play with in internet cafe. I really liked this product. It's the perfect solution for anyone who wants to restart the brain before mental effort, and also want to save time for sleeping.

    Kamil, Warsaw, 23 years old

    We had a tough week at work. I had to realize the plan of action, and new client came by. I cried with exhaustion and nerves in corporate kitchen. Then... my friend gave me Formentor.

    So I order it too. I do not know what I'd do without him. I did all my missions responsibilities, and have a new customer. A few days ago I got a raise,and some of the money I spend on Formentor. I recomend it.

    Weronika, Warsaw, 27 years old

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Is Formentor safe?
Formentor passed many confirmatory tests and is certified for entitlement to sell the product in the European Union and the United States of America.Experiments ensure the effectiveness of the product and confirmed its positive impact on the health of users. Formentor contains the organic acids and sugars which nourish the human brain and helps to correct its blood supply.
How long does the effect?
One capsule of Formentor can enhance the activity of the brain for 12 hours. It's all thanks to a careful selection of ingredients and gradually supplement their release into the body. An important role in the effectiveness of Formentor is replacing the coffee caffeine with guarana. Thanks to her brain is stronger and more energized, and organs like the liver and heart remain safe.
Why do I have to be 18 years old?
Energy drinks that stimulate the circulatory system by young people may interfere with proper development of the physical and emotional. That's why, the product in the European Union and the United States of America is sold to adults due to the presence of components of excitatory.
Who produces Formentor?
The manufacturer of the supplement is a research center from England. LI Ltd distribute the product to Easter Europe.
I have cardiac valve - can I.…
If you have a heart valve and the doctor let You drink coffee and energy drinks, You can use the Formentor. Otherwise, check it with your doctor.
I have diabetes - can I…
If you have diabetes and your doctor let You drink coffee and energy drinks or consume organic sugars, You can use the Formentor. Otherwise, check it with your doctor .

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FORMENTOR - opakowania zawierające po 30 tabletek okrągłych o średnicy 12 mm i masie całkowitej 750 mg (+/- 5%).
Ekstrakt Gingko Biloba 90,00
Ekstrakt z Guarany 100,00
Schisandra 50,00
Premix witaminowy: 200,00
VitA - 0,8mg, vitB1- 1,1mg, vitB2-1,4mg, vitB12-2,5cmg, kwas foliowy p200cmg, niacyna-16mg, kwas pantotenowy-6mg, biotyna-50cmg,vitE-12mg, cytrynian cynku-10mg, fumara żelaza- 14mg, siarczan miedzi-1mg, jodek potasu-150cmg, siarczan manganu-2mg, selenian sodu-55cmg, molibden sodu-50cmg. Jedna tabletka zawiera 100RDA vitamin i mikro elementów
Celuloza mikrokrystaliczna 298,75
Stearynian magnezu 7,50
Dwutlenek krzemu 3,75"

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